Even the easiest of club trips require a reasonable degree of fitness.   While individuals may have varying degrees of basic fitness it is unlikely that a person who has a sedentary job and plays no sport, will manage an average B Party weekend or Sunday trip.  The best preparation for tramping is tramping and there are hilly places in Napier and close to Hastings which make excellent training areas.  For example, a walk from the cattle stop  car park in Te Mata Park to the top of the peak, via the big redwoods, and back to the cattlestop via the road-side track with an 8 kg pack should take about 90 minutes. Further, this pace should be able to be maintained for 5 to 6 hours. We have Wednesday tramps as well and these are usually easier than the weekend tramps so, if you are unsure of your fitness, you can trial yourself on one of them

If unsure of your fitness check with the Club Captain or Trip Leader.

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