Weekend and Sunday Tramps 2021

10 January – Ohara Stream   Kereru Area

The Ohara Stream starts its journey to the Ngaruroro River in eastern most slopes of the Ruahine Range between Golden Crown and Ellis Hut. There is a public marginal strip all the way down from the Forest Park to where it crosses the Mangleton Road near Gull Flat Road. We will walk up the stream from the Gull Flat Road access to have our lunch on the river bed somewhere before returning back downstream.  Bring your togs as there are a number of good spots to have a dip. An alternative tramp will be organised if the weather is not suitable for swimming.

 17 January – Pourerere/Mangakuri Beaches           

Enjoy the Southern Hawkes Bay coast, subject to tides as usual. A 5 to 6 hour walk along a nice beach heading south to Mangakuri to Pourerere. The beach is mostly sandy apart from about 25% which is a bit rocky.

23 January – Top Maropea (Saturday)      Ruahine Range

In via the Sunrise track and over Armstrong Saddle to the hut for the night. The keen could exit via the shingle slide that goes down into the north Waipawa branch. Just to Sunrise is an option, as is an overnighter up river to the Waipawa Forks hut [Chalet] or just a night at Triplex hut near the carpark.

30-31 January –  Cameron Hut.

A few options here, up the Ngaruroro to the hut, or from Lakes Road end via the Smith Russell track but drop down the notorious track to Cameron. The keen could go via Kiwi Saddle hut, down to Kiwi Mouth hut for the night, then all the way down river to the Taihape road carpark.

6-8 February – Waitangi W/E . Waikaremoana area                        

Option A:
Day One: Walk up to Bald Knob , the more adventurous to Panekiri Hut(1185 metres) from Onepoto Bay and return.
Day Two: from the old hotel site on Lake road, ascend the Ngamoko track to the summit and either return via loop track or walk out to Rosie Bay.
Day Three: Walk the track into Lake Waikareiti to meet up with the overnight party.
Option B:
A three day trip, staying in two huts or tenting. From the bridge, ascend the Manuoha track to Manuoha Hut (1392metres) Saturday night. Sunday walk through goblin forest, passing the Kaipo Lagoon to Sandy Bay Hut on the shores of Lake Waikareiti for the night. Monday walk around this lake before descending to the vehicle.

14 February – Makaroro River and Barlows hut – Ruahine Range                

In from Yeomans Mill site, up the Makaroro River to Barlows hut. If people were willing to take a pruner etc they could do some track trimming up the track from just upstream from the hut, which goes up to the Parks Peak ridgeline. The Colenso Monument is there at the bottom of Colenso Spur not long before the hut.

27-28 February – Maungataniwha Lizard Survey

In 2013 the Club installed some traps to monitor lizards in the Maungataniwha Forest which is inland from Kotemaori  beside the Waiau River. We have been returning there every so often to set these traps and see if any lizards are caught to thus get an idea as to whether the change from an exotic forest to a native forest has resulted in an increase in lizard numbers.  This is best done in the warmer months, so on a date that is acceptable to the forest managers, we will drive there on the Saturday, set up the traps and enjoy a night in the accommodation there.  On Sunday we will check and then unset the traps after which there is usually time for a bit of a tramp before returning to town.l.

14 March  Te Iringa (Kaimanawa)                                                     

This Te Iringa is a high point in the north eastern Kaimanawa Range and is accessed from Clements Mill Road.  It is an easy tramp through lovely bush to Te Iringa where once a hut stood.  Some of the party might wish to carry on down from there towards the Tiki Tiki stream but all will be returning back along the same track.

27-28 March  Waikamaka Hut                                          

Over the Waipawa Saddle to our club hut , and to celebrate Graeme Hare’s 65th year tramping career and a re-enactment of his first tramp which happened to be in there. An enviable record. Maybe it could be a retro clothing and gear opportunity as well?

2-5 April:  Howletts hut                                                     

In to our hut in a pristine spot above the bushline. Probably in via the ‘old’ but still followable original track, down to the Tukituki river, wet feet for half an hour to Daphne hut, then the gentle climb up Daphne Spur to the hut! There may still be some jobs to do but hopefully the repaint will be finished. Options to break the tramp can be to stop the first night at Daphne hut and then trundle up to Howletts. Another is to go from Daphne up to Black Ridge and stop at Tarn Biv and then out. Coming out from Howletts could be via the tops and Longview hut, as there are four days to use up.

11 April   Lotkow Road Area                                                  

We last did this tramp which is situated in the south west corner of the Kaweka Range in winter 2019 so it should be a bit warmer this time.  We will drive to the end of Lotkow Road and do the 90 minute return walk to Don Juan trig before driving back 2 km to the Black Birch track. Here most will leave our transport to climb up 300 metres  to the Black Birch Range and then follow the track down to Littles Clearing.  The rest will drive to Littles Clearing and walk in to meet the through group.

24-26 April 2021: Whirinaki Forest Park.                      

Drive around to River Road car park via Reporoa to begin this 3 day circuit. Saturday follow the main Whirinaki track to the junction with Mangamate stream, crisscrossing this stream, with a gentle climb to the Hut. On Sunday, our destination is central Whirinaki Hut, either via Taumutu Stream Track or for the fitter group via Upper Whirinaki Hut. Monday exit to vehicle following the lower Whirinaki Track.

9 May:  The Hogget      

The Hogget is a high point on the Tahuhunui Range about 5 km west of the Te Iringa we visited last October and like Te Iringa it is on the tussock tops.  We will drive through private land [Timahanga Station] to the old Boyds Homestead where we start the walk.  We start off through lush bush before ascending on up to the Tahuhunui Range. The Hogget is about 2 kilometres further north on the range. We will all return the same way.  

22-23 May :  Smith’s Stream Hut                              

From Mill Road carpark, drop down to the Tukituki River and head upriver for a short distance, ascending spur to come on the Hinerua Hut track. Up to the hut for smoko before dropping down to Smith’s Stream Hut for the night. Next morning across to middle Stream and then out to the Waipawa River .

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