Weekend and Sunday Tramps

13 September   Golden Crown area      Ruahine Range             

Golden Crown Ridge is accessed from Mangleton Road past Masters Shelter.  The 3-4 hour walk climbs around a series of rocky knolls and herb fields of monowai, hebes flaxes and other assorted shrubs  before continuing steeply upwards through beech forest to the top of the range. From here the fast ones could head south and come down Sentry Box while others could walk to the Aranga Hut track  junction before returning back down Golden Crown.

26/27 September      Longview Ridge and south  Ruahine Range

    To Kashmir Road end, up to Longview hut, south along the range and down to Leon Kinvig for the night.  Could take in Top Gorge hut on the way if time allowed. As the transport will need to relocate from Kashmir Road around to Ngamoko Road end.  An easier and much shorter trip could be in via the Apiti track to the saddle before the main range, then a dawdle down the stream to makaretu hut for the night and back. A neat hut in a great spot.

11 October        Te Iringa &  Mt Cameron         Kaweka Range        

Leave from the crest of Gentle Annie on the Taihape Road and climb up through open ridges to Te Iringa and Mount Cameron. There are good views, of  the Ngaruroro River, the southern Kawekas and Ngamatea and Golden Hill country from this track.

23-26 October     Pureora         area                   

Option A): A north to south traverse of the Hauhungaroa Range .It would be advisable to carry a tent as this is a very popular area and the two huts may be full. Option B); Day trips in the southern area of the park near Taumaranui such as the Timber Trail to the tunnel and or viaduct , Mt. Hikurangi , Hauhungaroa hut and environs , Whanganui river trail.

8 November          Cairn Trip                         

Out annual pilgrimage to our Cairn and its significance to the club. It will be the first official service since the rebuild last January

21/22 November   Northern Kaweka options                   

Options of all the way in to Tira Lodge at Venison Tops and out.  A shorter version to Ballard and out. To add to the mix, just going in to Makino or Middle Hill huts are further variations. For the keen could go on to Mangaturutu from Tira, down into the Makino, up to Makino hut and out.

6 December    Gold Creek Hut – Ruahine Range                

Leaving from either Hall’s farm or Yeomans (if we have a hot day) we will venture up to Gold Creek Ridge and follow the track up the ridge and then down to Gold Creek Hut.  Some may wish to return down the stream, others can retrace their steps.

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