Weekend and Sunday Tramps 2023

Trip Gradings:
EASY (E) 4-5 hours tramping – suitable for beginners
MEDIUM (M) 5-7 hours tramping – suitable for those with some experience
HARD (H) 8 hours + tramping – more experience and a high level of fitness and confidence, including coping with adverse conditions is necessary.

28-29 January:    Whirinaki FP   (M)
Turn off SH5 onto Pohokura Road, Waipunga Road, then onto Pine Milling Road to the car park beside the Pukahunui Stream. A gradual climb of about 400 metres to the Upper Te Hoe Track / Whirinaki River Track junction. Just past here, the track descends past a beautiful line of mountain cabbage trees, to the 9 bunk Upper Te Hoe Hut (in reality a 6 bunk). Plenty of space for tents near the hut or 20 mins down to the large grassy clearing beside the bridge over the Te Hoe River – last time there was a pair of whio ducks in residence. Sunday return the same route back to the van.

 4 – 6 February (Waitangi Weekend).  Mangapurua Track –  Whanganui National Park
This track is a dual tramp/cycle track. There are NO huts, tents are necessary. It could leave on the Friday of Waitangi weekend. The tracks follow two different valleys- the Mangapurua with its many open flats and the narrower Kaiwhakauka which has many patches of undisturbed native bush. These valleys were rehabilitation settlements where land was offered to soldiers following World War 1. Options are being considered are:   Jetboat from Whakahora and catch jet boat to the Mangapurua Landing and walk back to Whakahora (passing the  Bridge to Nowhere) or travel to Whakahora and walk part way to the Bridge and return or  travel to the end of Ruatiti Road and walk part way to the Bridge and return

12 Feb – Khyber Pass (E)
Leave from Mill Road end and walk downstream on the river bank and in northern reaches of the Tuki Tuki River to the Khyber Pass. A pleasant way to spend a warm summer’s day with a picturesque Khyber Pass as the reward.

25-26 Feb Mangahao River (M)
Traveling 22.5 km to the east behind Shannon into the Tararua Range brings you to the Mangahao No.1 Reservoir. Here there is the opportunity to camp, fish or head up to the 6 Bunk Burns Hut (752m) in the centre of the range.  

12 Mar – Sparrowhawk/ Gold Creek (E – H)
Two options: 1.  Walk through Hall’s farm, up the Makaroro River to the start of the track to Sparrowhawk Bivy and return same way ( H) or  2.  Walk through Hall’s Farm, follow Makaroro River upstream to the Gold Creek junction. Walk upstream to Gold Creek Hut for lunch, climb up onto the ridge and follow the track down to the river, returning via Hall’s farm.

25-26 Mar Kiwi Saddle (M)
With extended daylight hours, good moon light and your own headlight, why not tramp into HTC’s 8 bunk Kiwi Saddle Hut from the Kaweka Lakes car park off the Napier – Taihape Road. Leaving late on the Saturday expect a 4 – 5  hour tramp, climbing up to Kuripapango Peak (1250m), along Smith Russell track (1359m) before descending to the Kiwi Saddle Hut (1160m) set in bush. 

7 – 10 Apr  (Easter)  Kaimai Ranges (M-H)
Spend Easter in the Kaimai Ranges. One party can do a multi-day tramp utilizing some of the Kaimai Ridgeway track system while a second party can do day trips including the Wairere Falls track, the Wairongomai Tracks and Mount Te Aroha

 25 Apr  (Tues – ANZAC Day)   Te Angi Angi Marine reserve (E)
Low tide is about 3.30 PM so we will be able to have a later start for this trip to the marine reserve at Te Angi Angi which is between Aromoana and Blackhead Beaches. It is easy walking and there are many rock pools to inspect, coastal birds and maybe the odd fur seal or two.

6-7 May        Nth Ruahine – Aranga Hut
From the Mangleton Road walk into Masters Shelter begin the gradual climb onto the main range (3 hrs), south along track to the recently refurbished Aranga Hut (1 hr). Camping available near the hut. On Sunday return via same route.

21 May Boundary Stream   (E-M) 
A number of options here; Walk though from Pohokura Road to Shine Falls exiting at the Heays Acess Road car. Walk in from Heays Access Road to Shine Falls. Walk into Bell Rock. Complete the Tumunako loop and/or the Kamaki Loop Tracks. Or a combination of some of these.

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