For further information on the Club please contact one of the below:

Glenda Hooper   06 8774183

Graeme Hare     06 8448656

Email the Club:

Snail mail:  Box 14086,  Mayfair,  Hastings

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5 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Please find $20 for a night at Howletts hut for my son and I. Pretty good going for an 11 year old. Awesome hut and location.
    Glenn MacKay

  2. Please supply your bank account details as we had a great 3 days stay at Howletts Hut and would like to make a donation towards the up keep.
    Please note also that the place was overrun with mice – knocked them back somewhat with the last of the bait that was there … But more is needed.
    Jenny & Paul Clark

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