Wednesday Outtings 2022

Wednesday 4 May: Mystery Ride
Prepare your bikes. Where will Mr Hare take us?
Over the hills and far away………

Wednesday 11 May: Happy Daze Hut
Over farmland to beautiful bush in the Ruahine foothills.

Wednesday 18 May: Biking in CHB
Start on the Waipawa to Waipukurau trail then beyond the town, maybe south, maybe west as the organiser sees fit. Or maybe it will be Otane or even Takapau. Wait and see.

Wednesday 25 May: Beach Walk
Could be south to Blackhead, Pourerere or Kairakau or we could go north to Tangoio or Waipatiki areas. Tide dependant, of course.

Wednesday 1 June: Havelock North Area Cycle
Head south or west on the outskirts of Havelock North – plenty of roads to choose from and moderate hills.

Wednesday 8 June: Sunrise Hut
The most popular walk in the Ruahine Range. Lunch at the hut or on Armstrong Saddle if the wind allows. Potterers can walk the Swamp Track.

Wednesday 15 June: Seafield Circuit Ride
Cycle from Park Island in Taradale to Bayview – take the high road or the low whichever suits you on the day. Plenty of options for eBikes and non-powered cycles alike

Wednesday 22 June: Te Mata Park
Ramble through the woods above Havelock North. Members from the planting and restoration group may show us the latest.

Wednesday 29 June: Tukituki Cycle Mark Two
Another ride along Waimarama Road cycleway then along the Tuki route to the coast and Clifton.

Wednesday 6 July: Kidnappers Walk
Subject to tides, of course. Walk along the beach and admire the landforms. A visit to Hygge is always possible.

Wednesday 13 July: Dartmoor/Sacred Hill Cycle
From Taradale along the Tutaekuri stopbanks and then sealed roads as far as we like.

Wednesday 20 July: Napier Hill Walk
Another route around the streets of Bluff and/or Hospital Hills. Great views from the high points.

Wednesday 27 July: Pakowhai to Clifton or Napier Cycle
May start at Park Island and ride out to the coast; decide then whether to go north or south.

Wednesday 3 Aug: Limestone Rocks Country
A chance to frolic among the impressive rock formations inland from Lake Tutira, Time to visit Lake Opouahi as well.

Wednesday 10 Aug: CHB Ride
Could be from Otane, could be in the Ongaonga/Waipawa area; the organiser will decide.

Wednesday 17 Aug: Maggies Way and Otatara
These Taradale tracks have been extended and upgraded: heritage and rewilding galore.

Wednesday 24 Aug: Tour of the Bays Cycle
A blat around one of our favourite routes – direction of travel depends on the wind. Probably includes a visit to HGC.

Wednesday 31 Aug: Tangoio and White Pine Bush
Attractive forests and even a waterfall.

Wednesday 7 Sep: Puketapu – Swamp Road – Omahu – Pakowhai Cycle
A mix of road and cycleway but essentially flat. Start in Taradale and do a circuit via Fernhill to Pakowhai Park and back to base.

Wednesday 14 Sep: Clover Patch – Kaweka FP
Will we make it this time? Hopefully our resident woodsman will be available to head the charge against pinus contorta.

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