Te Mata Park

September 6

A warm Spring day today was ideal for our walk through Te Mata Park tracks where we had bush, views to the north east and west and a few places of interest. Starting from Tauroa car park we followed the gradual climb of the track which took us past native tree plantings, a sacred hill, a tomo and the Rongoa gardens.

Here we spotted a long time member, Mike Lusk who was diligently clearing remains of fallen trees from the cyclone. It was a pleasure to catch up with Mike, some who had not seen him for some time  Descending down the yellow track we walked through Webb’s bush In the Te Heu valley. This is the  largest native area in the park. There are Karaka trees over 100 years old, as well as other natives like Ngaio and Mahoe. We saw an old signpost showing H.T.C. planted the first trees in the Royal Forest and Bird area in 1945.

A gentle climb to the water tanks area was a place to stop for a fountain drink followed by a view down the Tuki Tuki valley and the east side of Te Mata Peak.

After an early lunch stop on a grass area we walked along the main track back to the carpark.

Susan L, Glenda H, Peter B, Christine H, Lynn W, Steve B, Peter H & Janice L

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