Te Iringa and Mount Cameron.

11 October

Last Sunday, with permission from the Owhaoka C Trust who own much of the area we crossed, we tramped to Te Iringa and Mount Cameron from the Gentle Annie on the Taihape Road. We left Havelock North at 7 am and were ready to start tramping around 8.30.  There were 14 of us and the day was overcast day and the wind that was forecast was not an issue until we neared  Te Iringa, up there it was a very cold wind.

The party kept together as we climbed up the spur through scrubby vegetation onto the main ridge at which stage we split into a fast party and the rest.  On the ridge the vegetation was mainly tussock, monowai and hebes with the odd patch of beech forest and we were thus able to get good views in all directions.  

There are no markers on the track but constant use means that it most places it was fairly easy to follow. We had a few stops in sheltered areas and by 11:45 all had reached Te Iringa and the faster party was returning back from Mount Cameron. The cold wind meant no one lingered long up there.  

Lunch was had in the shelter of some beech trees after which we returned back to the truck getting to it before 3 pm which is just as well as Cecil the Ram, our driver,  needed to be back in town for rehearsals at 4.30.

Party: Glenda H, Peter B, Susan L, Jude H, Paula K, Deby M, Daniel H, Kim M, Anne D, Randall G, Kim S, Dale B, Des S and Graeme H.

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