Longview and Awatere Huts

24 November 2021

Awatere Hut: Our trip was originally planned for earlier in the year but Covid19 and bad weather prevented it so today’s trip was eagerly awaited.This called for an early start for midweekers and after careful negotiation between Janice and Rodger a start at 7.30.am was agreed. Any concerns about the condition of Kashmir road were unfounded, so we arrived at the Moorcock Saddle carpark in good time.

Black Stag Hut

The party going to Longview was soon off while the Awatere team took a little longer to leave. While climbing up to the spur and onto the ridge there were many predator control traps which were also evident down to the hut. Awatere Hut was in very good tidy condition. We had lunch there, left our packs and wandered a few hundred meters downstream to the very derelict Black Stag Hut. It is almost hidden in the bushes. Returning to the carpark, the cloud had cleared and from the ridge we could clearly see Longview hut.

Party: Rodger B, Susan L, Christine H.

Longview Hut: At last the weather was suitable to go to Longview. It was a perfect day with no wind. This was a special day for Janice who, 10 years ago joined the Heretaunga Tramping Club and Longview was the first tramp with some members. Low clouds covered the tops of the Ruahines on the way to Longview but as we climbed higher the clouds dispersed to reveal the beautiful colours of the tussock grasses, a variety of summer flowers and the Longview Hut in the distance.

Parts of the track were overgrown with tussock grass which held water from the morning dew. We arrived at the hut with damp shorts but that was soon forgotten as we ate lunch outside looking over the amazing ‘longview’ in the sunshine. It was Peter’s and Anthea’s first tramp to Longview so we did some botanising around the hut before leaving.With plenty of time to return to the van, we followed Graeme off track to view the ranges around us. Out came the map and with Graeme’s knowledge of the area, we were all more informed of our surroundings.

A leisurely descent back to the carpark arriving right on the arranged time of 3pm. Thanks to all who shared this day with me and Christine/Des for driving.

Party: Des S, Graeme H, Peter H, Anthea C, Janice L.

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