Cairn Trip 2020

8 November 2020

If the Cairn service is to be held at 11am it is sensible to be away from Hastings at 6am. It was pleasing that our party of thirteen were away from the Makahu car park before 8.30 and commenced the service at 11am.

As usual, in recent years, the wind was strong and vicious. In fact two packs were snatched by the wind and flicked over the ridge on the way up, leaving their owners to climb down to retrieve them. It was the same conditions on the top as we had last year, poor visibility and strong cold winds. 

To escape the wind we gathered  on the eastern side of the Cairn using the gabion seats  and the flat wall for protection during the Remembrance Service for our Club’s War Dead. Carlee placed the beautiful wreath that Pam had made, to commemorate the eleven club members named on the plaque. We had planned to attach the North, South, East, West formica  signs on the last gabion and  fill it, to finish the cairn refurbishment but that will wait for a better day. I hope it is soon. Would you believe it, the same as last year, as we descended, the sun came out.

 Again we had been invited to Pam’s place for afternoon tea. A magnificent feast.  As usual many plates had goodies still on them when our team pushed their chairs back from the table.

Thank you to all who came to our Cairn Service 2020 to acknowledge our Second World War dead and special thanks to Lex for driving.

Party:    Carlee E, Simon W,  Paula K, Anne C, Des S,  Deby M, Robyn P, Jude H, Brian S, Anne D, Lex S, Graeme H

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