Boundary Stream

13 October 2021

A small group of eight took advantage of a break in the weather and arrived at the Boundary Stream car park on Pohokura Road suitably impressed with the comfort of the clubs new van. We split into two groups  with some choosing to botanise around the loop track. We were impressed with the information panels and the work done by DOC on predator control which is obviously effective judging by the bird calls and healthy state of the regenerating forest. The main party continued on towards the falls on a direct well marked track which descended quite steeply. The roar of Shines Falls was heard some time before actually reaching the base.

The loop party meanwhile took the van around to the Heays Access Road picnic area and walked up the track over farmland in the shadow of the limestone cliffs to join up with the others returning from the falls.
A very easy day and we just escaped the rain.

Party: Susan L, Joan R, Christine H, Pete H, Garry S, Graham S, Des S, Rodger B

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