Boundary Stream

5 November

It was  a perfect sunny Sunday morning when  we arrived at the car park for Bell Rock where just one other car was parked.  We  all went up  the bush track and noted that many of the traps along the way had their entrances blocked so pests could not  enter them.  Thirty minutes in the bush and we were out on farmland for another  50 minutes  walk to Bell Rock.   There were great views at the top and morning tea was had  by some while others explored the limestone outcrops.  

We initially returned back slightly north of the track,  where there is an interesting tomo area,  but soon rejoined the actual track.  At the track junction  half returned back through the bush while the rest went down the ridge,  past the petrel aviary. We met an number of parties coming up through the bush as we went down it.  After waiting 20 minutes for the ridge party we drove to the large Boundary Stream shelter where we had lunch.

After lunch we first walked the short Tumunako loop and then most carried on clockwise  around the Kamahi Loop.  We got back to the van just before 4 pm and headed off home again.  A good day out with 4 members visiting the area for the first time.

Party: Nic W, Simon W, Anne D, Denise & Lindsay D, Stephen B, Lex S, Paula K, Peter B and Glenda H

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