Ahuriri Estuary

16 August

We left Pukahu at 8.30 with 8 in the van and headed over to Napier to arrive at Park Island at 9 am where 2 more joined us.  It was a lovely fine day  but for an additional warm up we walked up onto the Western Hills and down the other side to Prebensen Drive to access the entry to the Water Ride shared pathway.  

Our first stop for the day was at the bridge over the Taipo Stream just before it reaches the main outfall channel.  We then checked out the bird hide before continuing along the pathway.  Spoonbills were there as well as a multitude of other birds, Joan was keeping count and she came up with a  total XX of different varieties  for the day.

Two decided to cross the channel at the low level bridge (and only go slightly wet feet) while the rest carried on along the path on the true right, past another bird hide. We then followed the pathway under the express-way bridge, exited on to the old embankment bridge and took the most direct route to the Westshore beach for  lunch.

After lunch we followed the Ahuriri Estuary walk back to the embankment bridge and then followed the track that skirts round the western end of Pandora to Prebensen Drive  and then took the most shortest route back to Park Island.  

This circuit was around 16 km and with the hard limestone and ashphalt surfaces there were a number of sore feet at the end of the day.

Joan Ruffell, Graeme Hare, Susan Lopdell,  Denise & Lindsay Dalziel, Barbara Hamillton, John Simcox, Christine Lawrence, Peter Berry and Glenda Hooper

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