Sunrise Hut

23 January 2021

Today was the first Saturday tramp of the year and 6 trampers took the advantage of this day intending to go to Top Maropea Hut. We left the Triplex carpark around 9 am in a warm westerly breeze which became more fierce and cold as we climbed higher.

As we left everyone put on their coats, winter hats and gloves as the temperature had dropped  considerably. After about an hour we were peeling them off.It was obvious we were not able to go over the Armstrong saddle as we gingerly braved the wind behind the hut to look over the saddle.

We met a few families returning to the carpark and they all warned of high winds up near the top and how true that was. As we turned the corner with the hut in view we had the full force of this westerly wind in our faces. The hut was a welcome retreat where we had our lunch at 11.30 am.

We stopped and talked to the many trampers who were either going or returning from Sunrise hut. A busy hut this weekend.The wind overshadowed the bird life calls but we did see and hear a group of White heads plus the friendly Fantail. Summer alpine flowers were abundant along the track.The day finished with a walk around the sheltered Swamp track  with  it’s attractiveness of podocarps and ferns.                                                                                                                                                                                                      J.L.

Party: Susan L, Barbara H, Anne D, Simon W,  Derek B, Janice L

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