North Porangahau Beach to Blackhead Beach

28 January 2024

With low tide at 1.30 p.m. it was a leisurely 8 a.m. start to the journey to Porangahau via Waipukurau, with the pick-up of Paula by the yellow bus sign at Poukawa. Access to the northern Porangahau beach is about 2 km past Taikura Station. Parking opposite the open farm gate to the four wheel drive track is at a premium so with the van carefully parked off road we readied ourselves for the approximately 2 km walk to the beach.

With the tide going out there was an expanse of firm damp sand on which to walk. It was just the right temperature to walk in and an assortment of birds including terns, variable oyster catchers, and gulls on the beach to view. About 2km along the beach we came to the wreck of the schooner Maroro which foundered inside the Blackhead Reef in 1927. It was here that we had a morning tea stop prior to rounding the Blackhead Point about 300 metres further on.

Blackhead Point to Pohatupapa Point (Blackhead Beach) is about 5 km. An outgoing and low tide is needed to navigate the stony and rocky shore. As we rounded the point we spotted the first of the 6 seals we were to see but alas it was dead. The other seals were often well disguised by the rocks they lay on and their sudden appearance would lead to a shriek of surprise. When a seal decides to make its journey across the stones and sand there is no haste in their progress but the entry into the water is oh so graceful.

Shortly after rounding the Point Peter and Glenda left us to walk back to the van and take it round to Blackhead Beach. We were to meet up with them again about ½ an hour from the Blackhead Beach car park. As we were nearing the van it started to rain. By the time we were all in the van the rain had set in and this was to continue all the way home.

Party: Peter B, Simon W, Glenda H, Paula K, Anne C, Liam , Anne D

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