Bell Rock

Wednesday 6th of Feb.

Six of us set off from Havelock Nth at 8am and picked up Graeme from Taradale. Our trip was slow as two areas of road were one way due to damage from the cyclone, so we were ready for a cuppa by the time we got there.

It was a beautiful warm day with minimal wind, so the walk through the bush in the shade was welcome. We arrived at the Rock at 12.30 and lunched in the shade, soaking in the views. Graeme took the required pictures of “the person on the bell” and we headed on back. Christine and Alasdair went across the top fourwheel drive track and the rest of us back to the shade of the bush.

We saw a lizard, red admiral and copper butterflies and a close encounter with a kereru on our travels.

Our seasoned driver agreed that we stop for a fruit ice ream in Bay View, so we were a little disappointed to arrive 9 minutes after they had shut up shop! Regardless, we had a very relaxed, enjoyable day in perfect weather and great company,

Party:  Christine H .Christine L, Peter H, Gabrielle S, Alastair S, Graeme H and Joan R