Te Mata Park

3rd May 2023

The Sunrise hut tramp was postponed, instead we walked Te Mata Peak.  The day was a little dull as we left the picnic area at 9.15 am but from here on it was warm enough for tee shirts.

We spent time at the little and big Redwoods which both have new information boards of interest. The little Redwoods are 49 years old and the big Redwoods were planted around1927.

The destruction of Gabrielle was very evident as we started off on the yellow track. Large chainsawed pine trees on either side of the track is visible evidence of the work that has been done to clear the track.

Thankfully only one Redwood was uprooted in the storm at the BIg Redwoods. It is lying prone which attracts children and adults to walk along it as well as inspecting the root base which has been turned into a teepee-like shelter.

From the Redwoods we followed the blue track which we call the ‘Goat track’ . The track had a steep ascent, some slippery moments and a short but steep rock climb. 

It was here that Joan spotted a small frog which seemed a long way from a pond. Onwards and upwards we had  great views to the ranges on one side and the Tuki Tuki valley on the other. 

Our morning tea break was at the summit where we sat in a sheltered spot from a north- easterly breeze before returning to the carpark after 2 1/2 hours.           

Juergen G, Steve B, Peter B, Glenda H, Joan R, Denise D, Janice L

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