Ohara Stream

10 January 2021

Summer hadn’t quite lived up to its usual hot weather but a trip to Ohara Stream, Mangleton Road in the Kereru area, was proposed. A plan B might have been needed as I had been advised that there had been 61mm of rain and Ohara Stream was a bit cloudy. Glenda also had a plan which involved checking the stream that flows past Maraekakho as this was from a similar catchment to the Ohara Stream. As we crossed the bridge by the Maraekakaho monument Lex slowed the van and we all looked at a free flowing and sediment free stream so it was on to Ohara Stream.

The starting point for our exploration up the stream is a picnic area at the junction of Mangleton and Thorn Flat Roads. The grass at the picnic area was rather overgrown but the route down to the stream had been cleared by bulldozer or grader so was easy to access. There was little easing into the thought of river walking; it was straight in. The stream was clear with a clear view to the bottom. Gravel and smallest stones are on the stream bed so walking was quite easy. This is not to say that a few of us didn’t slip into the water but it was such lovely weather and the stream was warm. There was evidence on the river bank that the water had been up but luckily for us it was pleasant wading.

Our lunch was taken in a shady grassy spot on the true left of the stream and after lunch we left our packs and waded up stream to where the stream goes through a gorge with interesting rock formations. Peter was the only one of us to venture forth. The water was up to Peter’s chest. Well done Peter for keeping your camera out of the stream.

After regrouping we returned to our packs and commenced the downstream journey back to the van. On the return journey there was some walking on the river flats. Alas one party was not so much bluffed as blackberried and had to have a change to their path. 

There was a duck making lots of noise to draw danger away from her young. However we were not the danger that she needed to be concerned about. A Karearea (NZ falcon) was flying overhead.

There is an excellent swimming hole down by the picnic site of which a number of the party took advantage.

Christine and Alan walked part way up the stream and then returned to the van. They then explored the Mangleton Road area where they met a local farmer who told them that there had been 75mm of rain on Friday. We truly did pick a great day for a river walk. Thanks to all who came and Lex our driver.

With tramping party of 10; this was our opportunity to take our new van on its first HTC trip. The consensus is that the van is comfortable to travel in. The fish bins purchased earlier in the week were great for the wet boots.

Party: Lex S, Susan L, Glenda H, Peter B, Simon W, Alan P, Christine S, Daniel H, Paula K, Derek B and Anne D

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