Maraetotara Farmland

14 April 2021

The starting point for our walk was just upstream from Maraetotara Falls on one of Fred’s recently purchased blocks of farmland. Fred gave us a bit of background history relating to the countryside we were to walk through and then we all set off at a leisurely pace up a valley, checking out the various points of interest as we went. These included a hundred year-old, two storeyed woolshed, a hydraulic water ram pump and an ancient limestone cave which Peter and Des spent some time exploring.

We stopped for our lunch break on the top ridge of the farm, overlooking Kahuranaki Valley.  The view up and down the valley was stunning, with the autumn tints of the surrounding trees making it the stuff of picture postcards. Unfortunately, our tranquillity was short-lived, as one of our party decided it was all too much for her and fainted. HTC members immediately swung into action and after ringing 111 to verify the patient’s condition and prioritise the best course of action, it was decided to evacuate the patient by our locally based Lowe Rescue Helicopter team. They were just amazing to watch in action, being so professional and caring of the patient. It was only a three-minute flight for them to return to Hastings Hospital with their patient who was fully checked out by the hospital medical staff and discharged the following day.

After all our excitement we returned to our vehicles and, at the invitation of Fred and Marion, we drove up the road to their place for a cuppa tea and a good dose of country hospitality.  Many thanks to our hosts Fred and Marion and the HTC team members who attended to made the day a success.


Party: Des S, Fred C, Marion N, Rodger B,  Brent H, Anne D, Lynn W, Judy M, Garry S,  Joan R, Glenda H, Peter B