Makino Hut and Te Puia Hut

27 February 2022

From Havelock North it is a two hour drive to the Makino Hut car park. As we travel through the settlements of Puketapu, Rissington, Patoka and Puketitiri; there is light rain. At the car park there was low cloud and a little drizzle which was to be the order of the day.

It is decided to go up to Makino Hut with the fast party having the opportunity to go down to Te Puia Hut and come out at the Gums car park. If this option is taken; Lex and the B party will tramp in and return to the van then drive down to the Gums to collect them.

From the car park it is a short 60 metre uphill from the road. After which the track undulates with a few ups and down to gain an altitude of 996 metres (the altitude at the road is 600 metres). For the first half hour the track is through regenerating bush; after which we enter beech forest and where the understorey is horopito. 

The rustic Makino Bivvy is still standing.  It is a waist high A-frame of corrugated iron with beech pole framing on the forest floor with open ends. It would offer shelter in a storm but little comfort.

At the junction to Makino Hut Glenda and Lex studied the track to see if the fast party had gone down to Te Puia. It was decided that they hadn’t so Lex, Glenda and I sat down to have lunch. It was only after lunch that the map was consulted and it was decided that the hut was not far away however by that time the faster party were returning from the hut.

Greg decided that he was keen to go down to Te Puia Hut if there were others who wanted to join him. Jude, Gabrielle, and Anthea decided they would go. Karl, Susan, Glenda, Lex and I returned on the path we had come in on. Once back at the van it was decided to delay our afternoon tea and drive down to the Mangatutu Hot Springs. Lex was wise and had brought his togs so he and Karl went down to the springs for a well-earned soak.

Greg reports that the trip down to the Te Puia track was sketchy. The others on the tramp described it as steep. It is a 500 metre descent over 1500 metres. The foursome were all pleased to have completed the tramp despite the fatigue. I am not sure if Anthea was the most fatigued but she assured us that she was broken.

Party: Lex S, Glenda H, Greg S, Karl J, Susan L, Gabrielle S, Anthea C, Jude H, Anne D

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