Kiwi Saddle Weekend

27 – 28 February

On the Saturday three trampers left Taradale, driving to the Lakes Carpark for a walk into our club hut. It was a very warm sunny day and we were soon “glowing” whilst climbing up to Kuripapanga. We were serenaded by two bellbirds in the beech trees at Randall’s  am tea spot.

We were soon traversing the saddle, enjoying the views as we made steady progress to our lunch break on the mossy floor under the beech trees. We arrived at the hut about 2pm where Randall was relieved to put the new axe down, for a little while at least. Christine H had walked in earlier and after a chat, left for her return trip as she was not staying the night.

We spent some time gathering, sawing and chopping firewood to stock up for the Winter. A young couple arrived to stay for their first time in a hut, then three hunters who arrived at 8pm. The couple lasted till four am then left, some of us snore apparently. (Who knew.)

The dawn broke, welcoming a slightly cooler and cloudy day which made for a more comfortable walk out ( but not before we gave the hut a thorough sweep and tidy). We passed the hunters on the way back. They were enjoying the views and the wild eyebrights and gentians flowering near the track.   Back at the car park, one of the five vehicles had a very flat tyre!  Not Randall’s fortunately. We were back in Napier about 2.30 having enjoyed our weekend.Thanks Randall for driving.

Party: Janice L, Randall G, Joan R

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