Hinerua Hut   

9 April 2022

Moorcock Stream route to Hinerua Hut

Regrettably we were not able to access Hinerua Hut through Adler Road so John M organised with another farmer for us to cross his land. Janice ably guided us down the farm road to the paddock that we would cross to access the Moorcock Stream. This made for a comfortable walk across the farm land and a drop down to the stream. The Moorcock Stream was a picturesque walk but within 15 minutes of starting our tramp we had wet feet. There were multiple crossings which required little effort as the stream bed was made up of shingle. This route to the start of the Hinerua Track took much the same time as we did in our 2019 trip to Hinerua Hut when we accessed the river from the public access further downstream of Moorcock Stream

We were at the Tukituki River within three quarters of an hour; from where we had a further quarter of an hour to the large orange triangle on the true left of the river. Once out of the river there is a short, sharp, steep ascent. When that is negotiated a fence with barbed wire needed to be climbed. Thanks to Simon for lending his walking pole to act as a barrier and Peter and Tom for holding it over the barbed wire for us to climb over.

on route to Hinerua Hut

The next fence to be climbed had a stile. This lead into us into the farm land over which the D.o.C track is accessed. At this stage the D.o.C track is not obvious but Peter lead us up a bulldozed farm track and from where we took an educated guess as to where the track starts. Fortunately, we got it right and with some bush bashing we were able to follow the little used track. From the river it is a 280-metre steep ascent. Once out of the bush there is a short walk over fairly level farmland to another stile; after which we are in D.o.C land.

The D.o.C track undulates through native bush where we enjoyed the bush, the birds (Peter called in a large flock of whiteheads), and the lush greenery with an abundance of fungi. On the track we found a deceased powelliphanta (native snail) and evidence of a couple of shells.

The faster party made it to Hinerua Hut, the other 3 had a pleasant tramp with a lunch break on the side of the track and decided to then return back as we were not going to make it to the hut. Once both parties regrouped at the top boundary fence stile we decided to walk down the fence line which although extremely steep would shorten our descent time.

By the bottom stile we had a rest and Peter discussed how to read a map and use a compass with Tom, year 12 High School student who was out with us on his first trip with the club. Tom is very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions which Peter was able to answer. Welcome Tom and thanks for your company.

After a short rest we negotiated the barbed wire fence and the short, sharp, steep descent to the river. The walk back to the truck was a pleasure even if there were multiple river and stream crossings. The walk up to the farm paddock was short with a gentle slope across the paddock to the van.

Party: Peter B, Glenda H, Janice L, Jude H, Simon W, Tom L, Anne D.

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