Cairn Service – Kaweka J    

  27 November 2021

After cancelling the  planned Cairn Trip on account of the poor weather and road conditions the option was for either Saturday 27 or Sunday 28 and the consensus was for a Saturday Cairn Service. We left at 7am, as the 11am service of Remembrance Day was not relevant.

In total we had twelve people at the Cairn for our midday service. Kathy, Samara and Carlee had gone to Studholme Saddle hut on Saturday and were waiting for us at the playground. The blustery westerly wind kindly died as a gentle easterly and clear blue skies surrounded the group as we acknowledged the eleven club members who did not return to tramp the ranges after the Second World War. 

It was a satisfying return, as after lunch, instead of retreating hurriedly to Pam’s house for afternoon tea, Peter suggested we go down Don’s Spur. This we enjoyed and easily negotiated. Peter who had played a poignant lament on his whistle at the end of the service enthralled us again with more laments as we retreated from the tops. Beautiful appropriate music. 

Once again Pam assisted by Liz had a sumptuous afternoon tea with chocolate strawberries waiting for us. 

Thanks to Peter who drove the van, Pam & Liz for afternoon tea, and all who came to the highest point in Hawkes Bay for our 2021 Cairn Service.

Party: Joan R, Brian S, Anne C, Peter B, Glenda H, Des S, Derek B, Maggie B, Kathy E, Samara E, and Carlee E, Graeme H

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