Awatere Hut and Norsewood area

26-27 September 

Our other party was doing a major weekend tramp from Moorcocks Saddle and they planned to come out via the Apiti Track at Ngamoko the next day. We, the truck party watched them start up the track to Longview before making our way along the track to Awatere Hut which follows along the ridge to the south of Moorcock Saddle. There was a little bit of wind on the higher sections of the ridge track but nothing like what the others experienced on the tops.

Awatere Hut

We were at Awatere Hut by about 9.15am where we found a couple of hunters who had just got back from a morning’s hunt. We walked down stream a little way to a lovely sunny sheltered spot where we stopped for morning tea.  Refreshed, we crossed the Makaretu Stream and soon came to the dilapidated Black Stag Hut.  As the river level was pretty low we decided to carry on walking downstream for an hour or so and when we came to a crossing that looked like we would get our boots completely wet we all agreed it was time to retrace our steps.

An early lunch was had in another sunny spot on the river bank after which we quickly made our way back to Awatere Hut, where a family was now in residence, crossed the river and made our way along the ridge track to Moorcock Saddle.

We got back to the truck around 1.15 pm and started on the journey back to Highway 50 and then Norsewood, detouring just a short distance to visit A’Dean’s Bush and walk the 20 minute loop track there.  We stopped at ANZAC Park, which is just north of Norsewood, and walked the tracks there before driving into Norsewood. Here we had a delicious meal at the Crown Hotel, watched some rugby and were entertained by live music.  Dave joined us at the hotel and around 8 we all returned to ANZAC Park to camp for the night.

Sunday dawned damp and windy so before travelling to the Apiti Track carpark , where our other party was headed, we stayed dry and checked out the trees on Glenda and Peter’s  patch at Ormondville as well as the historic Ormondville railway station.  John had thought his party would make the carpark around 1.30 so we arrived there just after 12 but only Dave was keen enough to brave the weather to go and meet them.  Dave returned around 1.30 while the last of John’s party got out about 3 pm.

Lex S, Susan L, Anne D, Dave M and Glenda H

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