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31 Aug/1 Sep This weekend a group went into the Western Ruahine for an overnight tramp. One party walked in to Rangiwahia Hut for the night then explored the tops before returning on Sunday. The other party planned to get to Rangiwahia via the Petersen Road entry, they found the track was non-existent so did a return trip to Irongate Hut and stayed at the Alice Nash Lodge for the night


18 Aug This was a day trip to Clements Road near Taupo where we walked in to Te Iringa. It was a very cold day (2 °C for most of the day) but there was no rain, just a little fine snow, and we even had sunshine at lunch. It was an easy uphill walk to the old hut site where we had an early lunch. After lunch we continued on up the track to try unsuccessfully to find the trig. This required crossing on to the unsheltered side of the hill and the wind was very bitter so we didn’t hang around for long. Instead we made our way back to the truck, had a cup of tea and headed for home.


4 Aug A  trip in to the old Kaweka Hut site was the goal for this tramp.  As we arrived at the road end the steady rain lifted to slight drizzle and we were hopeful of fine weather by the time we got to the hut site. However, this was not to be and instead persistent rain greeted us at the site. It was not particularly pleasant so we headed back, stopping where the track follows the stream for a relatively rain free lunch. We were back at the truck before 1 o'clock and, as most had never visited the Kuripapango Lakes, we decided to do the hour return trip to the shore of the first lake before having a cup of tea and returning home.




20/21 July This was a Winter warm-up trip and  we visited the Morere/Mahia area. Saturday was spent walking the two larger tracks at the Morere Scenic Reserve before relaxing in the hot pools there. We spent the night at the Mahia Beach Motels and Holiday Park and had an excellent meal at the hotel nearby. On Sunday we climbed Mokotahi Lookout (the hill beside Mahia Beach settlement) before driving to the Gisborne side of the penisula to do some beach walks there.




6 July For a mid winter outing John, who volunteers at the Cape Sanctuary, was able to obtain permission for us to spend a  day in the Rough Block there. The Rough Block is within the predator-proof fence and part of it is fenced off from stock as well. It is predominantly kanuka but a there are some large trees as well. The upper section of the creek gets quite gorgy and picturesque. We did a return trip up the stream bed checking the traps as we went.




22/23 June A group of 5 left town late morning to drive to the Triplex car park for an overnighter in the Ruahine Range. From Triplex  they walked up to Sunrise Hut to stay the night. Also in the hut was a group of scouts from Havelock North. The planned trip to Top Maropea on Sunday morning was canned due to weather conditions and a lack of view. So instead they donned full wet weather gear and returned down to their car and were back in town by 1 PM



9 June  

This Sunday we drove to the end of Lotkow Road and walked up to Don Juan before returning and climbing up to the top of the Black Birch Range. From there we walked along the ridge, past Black Birch bivvy to Little's Clearing where the truck had been moved to. It was a lovely sunny day and we were pleased to see the natives coming away under the pine trees on the way up to Don Juan and hear the many bird calls. The bush just past Littles Clearing is also very lush and varied while the track through the tussock was also pretty.



 1-3 June The Queens Birthday tramp to Howletts Hut was definitely a Winter Trip. Eight members ventured south on Saturday to Kashmir Road and took the old overland track to Daphne Hut before heading up the spur to Howletts. Inclement weather on Sunday saw them spend the day in the hut before returning back on the Monday in fine but very windy weather.