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Tramps -


MAY 2019

26 May - Makahu Saddle - Track clearing

A few weekends ago Graeme and Alan went up to Kaweka J to consider how we should improve the cairn. They have come up with a plan but have decided to leave the job until we get more daylight hours. On their trip they noted that the lower part of Trials track needed a bit of work on it so a group of 8 ventured there last Sunday and dealt to it. We also checked out the options for a detour past the slippery narrow section near the top of the zigzag. After this we had lunch in Makahu Hut and then went for a wander part way up Makahu track.

11-12 May - Te Puia Lodge, Kaweka Range.


The tramp over last weekend was to Te Puia Lodge and the Mangatainoka Hot Springs. Five of our party went to the lodge via the Makino track while the other 3 choose the track beside the Mohaka River. All were there just after 1 PM and had time to get to the hot pools for a soak before the crowds arrived. There were 5 blue ducks in the river by the hut and they gave us a great show. Sunday was a return trip along the river, some visiting a cave on route and most warmed up in the Mangatutu hot pool at the end of the tramp.






1 May - Gold Creek Hut

For May-Day the mid-weekers visited Gold Creek Hut in the Ruahine Range. It was a pleasant day and the hut was in wonderful condition thanks to the volunteers who maintain it.







APRIL 2019

28 April - Hinerua Hut

Some photos from a Sunday's tramp to Hinerua Hut from the Mill Road end. We had permission to use a new fence-line track but as it was only a couple of weeks old and it was a drizzly day it was a mission to ascend. Once into the bush the track was easy going and 3 made it to the hut by 12.30. The others had their lunch on the track about 500 m short of the track junction. All decided the new track was too slippery to descend and walked down the old DOC track back to the Tuk Tuki River. We made the last descent onto the river bank slightly downstream of the vertical DOC track as again it would hve been very slippery.



20 April - Bell Rock and more

Five of us choose the sunny Saturday of Easter to drive up to Boundary Stream and walk up to Bell Rock. We were the first of about 10 groups walking to the rock that day and we passed these groups on the way down. Lunch was had at the shelter at Boundary Stream before we walked the smalll loop there. After we drove down the road to walk the Lake Opouahi track.





13-14 April

On a brilliantly sunny weekend, 5 members walked up the Waipawa River to Waipawa Saddle and then down the Waikamaka Stream to Waikamaka Hut. Here a bit of hut maintenance was undertaken and firewood collected before a cosy night was spent in the hut. The next morning two went up towards Rangi Saddle before all returned to the Waipawa Saddle and out to the vehicle. Another 2 members had an easier tramp, walking in to Waipawa Fork Hut via the bottom section of the Sunrise Hut, to spent the night there. Firewood was collected to fill the empty shed and to ensure a cosy night in the hut. Sunday's return was down river and then up the road to the car.

MARCH  2019

30 March - Kuripapango

It was a very small group that travelled to the Lakes Road car park on Sunday to start their walk up to Kuripapango Trig. Maybe it was the forecast of not so fine weather, but the forecasters were wrong. We had a brilliantly fine day up there, a little mist first thing which turned to sunny blue skies. The sun rays through the fir trees were spectacular as we started up and we got good views of the Lakes. For lunch we carried on into the beech forest past the trig to a clearing that gave good views all the way to Ruapehu. Afterwards we diverted to the trig for a look around before descending to Lakes car park.



20 March   Yeoman's Track

The mid-weekers enjoyed  natural beauty on their walk to Ellis Hut along Yeomans Track.  Birds  seen or heard were Kereru, Fantails, Tui, Robin and a group of Rifleman. The regeneration of Rimu, Miro and other natives were evident and the Cabbage tree avenue was clearly visible with the leaf fall. As well, nteresting fungi and the purple berry Dianella were attractive along this easy graded  track.


17 March   Makaretu Hut via Happy Daze and Makaretu Stream

On a Sunday tramp in mid March the Club walked in from a farm off Ellison Road (near Norsewood) to Happy Daze Hut for morning tea and then on to Makaretu Hut, returning back in the afternoon. Good weather and low flows made this an enjoyable day.

The midweekers also visited Happy Daze hut earlier in the month and the photos reflect both tramps





2-3 March Maungataniwha Lizard Hunt

Finally a lizard! We have been monitoring the area at the Maungataniwha Life Force Forest since 2013 for lizards and this was the first time we had found one - a common gecko. Much of this forest was pine trees but is now being revegetated back to native forest so hopefully we will see more and more lizards in the future. As well as monitoring the traps/lizard houses we replaced old rusty pit fall traps with plastic ones and established a second grid of pitfall traps to replace one lost to the river.